Companies and societies are undergoing perpetual change, yet people are not naturally designed to welcome and accept change.

That simple and at the same time complex affirmation, is one of the main challenges that organizations face, when trying to implement transformational technology.

This technology, will help minimize processes, gather and analize large ammounts of data to set strategic objectives, and in short, be more competitive.

Nevertheless, directors and managers tend do be the ones that resist change (conscious or unconsciously) and cannot at times, be the drivers of all this change, for reasons like insecurity, fear of not being in control anymore, or how difficult they think their life and job will become, etc.

Emotional Intelligence development is the starting point.

In our wide experience of more than 20 years managing teams, and since 2017 as advisors, coaches and consultants, the best way to achieve the highest performance and engagement in a team, starts with the director´s development of EI.

Our leadership development methodology is based on the knowledge and use of EI.

Through the use of our proven coaching and mentoring methodology with the Directors, these will have a change of view, behaviour and way of leading their people, that´ll help them transform a team by managing relationships at work with values and Emotional Intelligence.

Transformational Leadership with our methodology is the answer.

The outcome in 100% of the times, is a rapid improvement in internal relationships, and an increase in effective communication and engagement.

The director understands a powerful tool is at their hands and learns a way to:

  • Manage and reduce conflict
  • Grow efficiency and coordination
  • Gain in competitiveness, innovation and loyalty.

Leading in uncertainty has become the norm.

At Aprofitalents we help Directors arise and navigate uncertainty, by using their EI and leadership to transform motivate, accept and welcome change, while they start introducing a co-responsible environment at work, through various tools and methodologies, that we offer, based on values and emotional intelligence.

Susana Jiménez with the Director and staff member of the Quironsalud Digest medical center.

We are in times of perpetual change,  with digital transformation in continuous acceleration, which makes leaders of teams and organizations wonder how they can be more competitive:

  • How can I develop transformational leadership that helps me meet CSR/ESG requirements and deliver better results?
  • What can I improve and not be dragged down by a constantly changing context?

At Aprofitalents we will help you update or improve your leadership style and teach you tips to lead and manage effectively, be more influential and inclusive.

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Wondering about team coaching? Do you need to rapidly have an aligned/engaged team? Do you need fast / sustained results? please visit our SKILL-EQ Methodology service page and learn how in only 12 hours (for a team of 6 to 7 people) we help you have an aligned, engaged, proactive and loyal team, able to take on any tasks together.


Individual Coaching

Individual coaching and mentoring, for own development and adaptation to the rapid technological, generational and social changes that leaders face. For team coaching, please visit SKILL-EQ Methodology below.

SKILL-EQ Methodology

Susana Jiménez developed the SKILL-EQ team coaching methodology in 2017. In 3 face-to-face sessions, the team achieves alignment, a great improvement in communication and internal relations, and the results are sustainable over time.

In-Company Training

We develop the soft skills of your people: leadership, negotiation, emotional Intelligence, communication, sales, and many more. We aim at helping your people improve to become more innovative and loyal. Online or face to face.

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