If you are not familiar with coaching, we will tell you that after a personal swot analysis, our coach will have conversations with you to help you figure out how to get from your current situation to the desired one. She will accompany you in achieving your personal and professional goals through a process of self-knowledge and providing you with tools so that you can improve your performance and leadership style.

Coaching is a powerful tool to improve self-management, as it helps you become aware of your own capabilities and focus on what really matters to achieve your goals. All this, added to the transmission of her team leadership and management experience of more than two decades, to a process of discovery of potentialities, reflection on change, recognition of strengths and areas for improvement.

In sum, our coach listens to you, asks you questions to help you reflect on your current situation, and provides you with guidance and support so that you can identify your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. Through a prior personalized analysis that you carry out together and the conversation, she helps you establish a concrete action plan, and motivates you to stay committed to your goals.

What does this service consist of and what stages does it have?

Stage 1: Analysis of the results of your personal SWOT, your leadership style and values that prevail. Immediate diagnosis.
Stage 2: Definition and consensus by both parties of the actions to be taken, based on current shortcomings and needs.
Stage 3: Our coach accompanies and prepares you to take on your new assignments, challenges, changes, improvements in work habits, and your leadership style, which should be adaptive, inclusive, and transformative if you´d like to accomplish a real change in your personal and work environment.
Stage 4: Measurement and evaluation of the results obtained.
Stage 5: Definition of  your compromises to make the changes sustainable in time.

coaching ejecutivo

What benefits does it offer?

Benefits that are achieved in the short and medium term:

  • Have a considerable impact on your teams acting as an engine of change and improvement
  • Lead with empathy and using emotional intelligence
  • Introduce, communicate and help accept change
  • Act as a mentor / coach for your teams
  • Celebrate and encourage different points of view
  • Promote the recruitment of people of various ages, cultures, gender, educations and experiences
  • Foster an inclusive culture
  • Promote gender equality in managerial positions
  • Promote a climate of collaboration and trust
  • Analyze and create action plans to achieve an alignment of values within the organization
  • Learn to listen and not pre-judge

What are you waiting to invest in yourself?

See what our clients say and feel after coaching with us:

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Wondering about team leadership? Do you need to have an aligned and engaged team?

If you´d like fast and sustained results, please visit our SKILL-EQ Methodology service page and learn how in only 3 face-to-face sessions (12 hours for a team of 6 to 7 people) we help you have an aligned, engaged, proactive and loyal team, able to take on any tasks together.


In-Company Training

We develop the soft skills of your people: leadership, negotiation, emotional Intelligence, communication, sales, and many more. We aim at helping your people improve to become more innovative and loyal. Online or face to face.

SKILL-EQ Methodology

Susana Jiménez developed the SKILL-EQ team coaching methodology in 2017. In 3 face-to-face sessions, the team achieves alignment, a great improvement in communication and internal relations, and the results are sustainable over time.

Culture and Values

We work with an online methodology called LeadershipbyValues. It helps companies update or re-define their Culture, because the only way to drive success is through Values, then your company will be ready to work on the strategy.

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