The main asset of organizations are people and their talent. We begin meeting with the Managing Director or CEO and the Human Resources Director, to understand the training needs they have.

Our specialty is people: training, selection, evaluation and development of their technical, human and emotional skills.

Our training is based on emotional intelligence, achieving change, innovation, climate improvement and retention.

We can help you assess the current organizational situation, which helps us to detect the strengths and areas for improvement of teams, and then develop it through two certified methodologies:

  • One based on emotional intelligence and
  • One through a digital platform based on an analysis of the company´s current workforce values; to achieve change, innovation, climate improvement and talent retention.

Example of trainings/workshops or conferences:

  • Emotional Intelligence in the workplace
  • Transformative Leadership as a lever of change
  • Sales and business development
  • Customer service management
  • Quality management
  • Effective negotiation and conflict management
  • Development of human skills/soft skills
  • Workshop introduction to the TeaL Organization
  • TeaL self-management workshop/mentoring
  • Development of the evolutionary purpose of the Organization
  • LinkedIn for beginners and advanced
  • Online and offline networking
  • Professional career training

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Wondering about team coaching? Do you need to rapidly have an aligned/engaged team?

Do you need fast / sustained results? please visit our SKILL-EQ Methodology service page and learn how in only 12 hours (for a team of 6 to 7 people) we help you have an aligned, engaged, proactive and loyal team, able to take on any tasks together.


SKILL-EQ Methodology

Susana Jiménez developed the SKILL-EQ team coaching methodology in 2017. In 3 face-to-face sessions, the team achieves alignment, a great improvement in communication and internal relations, and the results are sustainable over time.

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching and mentoring, for own development and adaptation to the rapid technological, generational and social changes that leaders face. For team coaching, please visit SKILL-EQ Methodology below.

Culture and Values

We work with an online methodology called LeadershipbyValues. It helps companies update or re-define their Culture, because the only way to drive success is through Values, then your company will be ready to work on the strategy.

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