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Susana Jiménez

Get to know Susana Jiménez, Founder of Aprofitalents

Learn about the story of Susana Jiménez, the Founder and motor of Aprofitalents.
A closer look at Susana’s life, work, passions, and what motivated her to create her own consultancy in 2017.

The Beginning

How the idea of Aprofitalents emerged

It arose from the need to add value to this society with its training and development of leadership at two levels: for managers / entrepreneurs and then for the rest of employees.

We all have different talents and skills inside; throughout the last 20 years in our managerial experience, we have verified that the proper management of people is what makes a company grow in a sustained and long-term way. We have discovered that the smartest thing is to invest in developing individual leadership, in this way a more cooperative environment is created, where everyone is more creative, innovative, loyal, self-motivated, proactive and productive, allowing the Director to dedicate more time to its strategic function and to create value at a higher level. As well as saving economic resources with a high retention of talent and no casualties of what we call emotional strikes.


Which companies and people can benefit from our services

The companies with which we share values and believe in developing their teams in full, so that all are aligned with the growth objectives

Leadership Development

Working with individuals

We develop people who do not have staff under their supervision. We see a massive change: internal communication increases, trust, cooperation between areas and respect.