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Basic Neuroscience Concepts to Transform Your Leadership

4 Hormones That Aid in Emotional and Team Management

Did you know that our brain secretes four key hormones that influence our well-being and our relationships at work? Understanding when they are released and how they affect our emotional management can transform team dynamics and the achievement of their goals: Endorphins: These are generated during laughter and physical exercise. They act as natural painkillers, […]

Expert Leadership Coaching in Response to Workplace Conflict

Female coach with female director

Recently, I´ve been contacted by the HR Director of a German/Austrian company I collaborate with. This request originated from the French market’s General Manager, whom I coach. We’ll call him Dieter to protect his identity. Dieter asked me to begin coaching the Project Director reporting to him, whom we’ll call Pierre, as he’s French. Pierre […]

Before diving into AI for your business, have you considered the human impact?

Before diving into AI for your business, have you considered the human impact? Discover how to navigate a digital transformation. Do you feel like you’re in a maze, trying to guide your mind through the challenges of digitalization and AI adoption? ➡️ In recent years, especially with the adoption of Artificial Intelligence, we’ve seen many […]

Empowering Women Leaders: Insights from My Training Methodology

Team leadership training agenda

For two weeks, I provided face-to-face training (groups of up to 14 people) to all women directors of Grupo Caja de Ingenieros here in Spain on transformational team leadership, as part of the implementation of their equality plan. The Group is working on its organizational culture and corporate values globally, which is undoubtedly key when […]

Habit 2: Secrets to Implementing Change. Diluting Resistance

Implenting change and diluting resistance

Within the set of the 7 Habits for Effective Team Leadership that I have been sharing (below I leave the list and links), today you have: Secrets to Implementing Change, Diluting Resistance Introducing changes in your company or team is a challenge that requires preparation and communication. Keep in mind that facing the unknown goes […]

Habit 3: The Art of Being a Mentor

Within the set of the 7 Habits for Effective Team Leadership that we are sharing (below I leave the list and links) is: The Art of Being a Mentor The best way to achieve excellence in our teams is to provide them with information and knowledge. Sounds simple, right? However, many people feel uninformed and […]

Habit 4: Resources to Foster Perspectives

people meeting at work

Within the set of the 7 Habits for Effective Team Leadership that I´m sharing (below I leave the list and links), is: Six Resources to Foster Perspectives Every day is a challenge, we all have many responsibilities, inside and outside of work, which, if not managed well, can lead to distress. Recently, during an executive […]

Habit 6: Best-Kept Tips for a Better Climate

Within the 7 habits I’m sharing for effective team leadership, here you are number 6, about improving climate using a case study. This article can inspire and help you adjust your leadership style if your company is going through times of change, adaptation or digitalization because you need to enhance a climate of collaboration and […]

Guide with 12 commandments for the transition to hybrid work

This detailed article is especially of interest to you if you are responsible for HR, a manager, a team manager or the owner of a company where before the pandemic the policy was for in-person work. This guide on how to implement hybrid work plans will help you. Now we have a few months of […]