Today I share this post for those of you who lead teams. I hope it will be useful for you and I encourage you to share your experiences and tips in the comments.

In many companies today, work is still carried out between 30% and 100% online, and as a result, meetings are not usually in person as they used to be. At Aprofitalents, we see with our clients that it’s not always straightforward to achieve the best outcomes when connecting with remote employees in virtual meetings. On one hand, workers attend between 10% and 20% more meetings than before the pandemic. Moreover, these meetings are often mandatory, scheduled without prior notice, and lack a set agenda, which is not an ideal start. On the other hand, the same individuals frequently dominate the conversation, leading to overlooked valuable initiatives, unshared problems, and a lack of idea generation, creativity, innovation, and ultimately, genuine teamwork. Here are six straightforward ways managers can ensure that all attendees participate actively:

  1. Set Up an Agenda: Define specific topics before the meeting, send them via email, and ask for feedback. This preparation ensures that the meeting has direction and purpose.
  2. Break the Monopoly of the Usual Speakers: Move beyond the circle where only the same few people speak. Address less active participants by name, encouraging them to share their views, achievements, and questions. This approach fosters inclusivity and diverse input.
  3. Pay Attention to Visual Cues: Keep an eye on everyone and look for signs that someone might have something to contribute. Recognizing non-verbal cues can lead to more inclusive discussions.
  4. Encourage Camera Use: Having everyone turn on their cameras can significantly boost engagement. Notice how you or others might hide behind avatars to multitask, rather than listening and participating fully. Camera use can help keep everyone present and accountable.
  5. Value Interaction: Schedule one-on-one meetings to connect with team members individually. This strategy can make group meetings more efficient and ensures you stay informed about each team member’s progress and concerns.
  6. Be Genuine and Utilize Your Leadership and Emotional Intelligence: Creating a psychologically safe environment is crucial. It contributes significantly to ensuring that teams are engaged, motivated, and more productive. Your authenticity and emotional intelligence as a leader play a key role in establishing this kind of positive work environment.

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Inspired by a post from Andrea Beattie from LinkedIn’s editorial team. 🙂